Members and ex-members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) can submit a grievance to the Canadian Forces Grievance Authority (CFGA) who oversees the Canadian Forces grievance system and administers the submission of grievances by CAF members.


The National Defence Act gives CAF members the right to make a formal complaint called a “grievance” about any decision, act or omission, which affects them personally and results from service in the CAF.

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If you are a veteran as defined by Canada Veterans Affairs (VAC) you would be eligible for CVLS assistance.


VAC defines veterans as:


Any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who successfully underwent basic training and is honourably discharged.


 In fact, some former CAF members don’t even see themselves as Veterans.

Contact our CVLS team and lets assist you determine your eligibility as define by VAC so you can access all your benefits and support services designed specifically for you.

VAC considers any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who releases with an honourable discharge and who successfully underwent basic training to be a Veteran.

This Veteran status recognizes the risk CAF members assume by wearing the uniform and pledging allegiance. Canada's modern-day Veterans are carrying on the traditions, values and legacy of wartime Veterans and all Canadians, especially our youth, should be aware of their accomplishments and sacrifices.




Veterans spend most of their career service life operating in high stress environment including unusual travels away from the home life and being separated from their families and children. Veterans, as direct result of several deployments away from their children, tend to face stressful challenges in working with multi-layered services that attend to children custody and access.  


Going through a child custody dispute is difficult and painful. Situations may escalate quickly and with little warning. Although CVLS partner lawyers exclusively practice family law in Ontario, child custody is a special area of focus within our team.

If you are veteran going through child custody contact us immediately to discuss your matter with one of our partner lawyers and see firsthand how our services can assist you.




One of the most debilitating challenges faced by veterans is bankruptcy and consumer debt.  Our team provides sympathetic, resolute legal advice and help for clients in financial distress and our debt experts can help you find the safest and best debt relief solution to deal with your debt problems and eliminate any debt you may have.  

Our CVLS team, led by partner bankruptcy lawyers and asset protection specialist has more than 20 years’ experience working with clients in financial difficulties – whether their money and assets are in Canada or in other jurisdictions. 


If you are a veteran and have experienced financial issues, then it is time to seek help from our CVLS Team.  

Contact us today and get a FREE, no obligation consultation. We can help to start you on the road to a more secure financial future, debt free.



Veterans with criminal convictions, like most Canadians, face tougher challenges in Unlike the United States, criminal law in Canada is governed by Federal law and is applicable throughout all of the provinces of Canada.  The Criminal Records Act is the Federal statute that governs “expungement” or “pardons” in Canada.  The Act was amended by Bill C-10, also known as the “Safe Streets and Communities Act”, in 2012 which changed a few provisions of the Criminal Records Act.

There are several requirements and parameters that must be met before you can be eligible to apply for a pardon.  Contact our CVLS team today and our partner lawyers can discuss the specific requirements that would apply to your case and guide you through the process of applying for a pardon.

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There are several benefits and support resources specifically design to help Canadian veterans, particularly Canadian Armed Forces veterans.  Veterans face numerous occupational stress injuries and challenges as a direct result of their service to Canada.

Sadly, the complex nature of the service platforms and the actual delivery of these important services by Veterans Affairs Canada ( can sometimes become the obstacle preventing the full and complete access by the veterans who require these benefits and services.

The CVLS team of specialists and partner lawyers primary mission is to assist our veteran clients to navigate the complex Veterans Affairs Canada service platforms and delivery process to get the best constructive solutions for all their needs.



CVLS team and our partner lawyers are currently only assisting veterans living in Ontario. We are in the process of building a Canada wide partner lawyers to assist all veterans where they currently reside.  


The RTA is the law in Ontario that governs relationships between landlords and tenants.  The RTA tells you what rights you have as a tenant, what rights your landlord may have, and deals with such issues as evictions, repairs, and other aspects that may affect your tenancy.  There are many reasons a  Landlord may try to evict you for reasons that are listed in the RTA . But you cannot be evicted for any reason that is not in the RTA.   

If you are veteran and you require assistance dealing with a residential tenancy issue contact our CVLS team and partner lawyers’ legal advice and representation.

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