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The Canadian Military Institution and Administrative Accountability Not A Natural Match

1. On the matter of financial administration and stewardship of public resources, multiple incidents continue to cultivate a climate of mistrust within the bureaucratic apparatus of the government, and more importantly, within the Canadian public. 4”

2. Business and managerial principles have proven to be particularly dangerous for this warfighting organization.”

3. “Before any solutions can succeed, however, a sense of urgency will be needed. Institutions don’t like change. Until it is forced to resolve this matter, it should not be expected that the CAF will engage in this transformation.60 But if the observations received by the Department from the OAG are any indication, the momentum may be building. The inability for the CAF to fix its administrative processes will only invite more scrutiny and increase the pressure.”

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Maj J.H.P.Y. Auger 2014 -2015

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