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Our military’s disgrace - Stephanie Raymond story breaks

From 2014: An investigation uncovers the sexual violence plaguing our soldiers—and a military hierarchy with its own justice system, and its own rules

Finbarr O’Reilly /Reuters

This article originally ran May 16, 2014

Rape in the Military. That was the headline on a Maclean’s cover in 1998—one of four cover stories that year stemming from a nine-month investigation into disturbing behaviour in the Canadian Forces. Now, 16 years later, Maclean’s and its sister publication, L’actualité, have come together to publish another months-long investigation into the sexual violence that still plagues our military. Lactualité reporters Noémi Mercier and Alec Castonguay talked to dozens of victims, attended court martials, culled statistics and documents under Access to Information, and visited bases across the country and Afghanistan. This story is the result of their investigation. A follow-up to Stéphanie Raymond’s portion of this story is here.

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Maclean’s Magazine

By Noémi Mercier and Alec CastonguayMay 16, 2014

May 16, 2014

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