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Corruption in the Canadian military? Destroying trust in the chain of command.

Corruption is often seen as being caused by internally motivated greed leading to prohibited acts in contravention of laws, rules and regulations. However, corruption may also be defined as “dishonest action that destroys people’s trust.” Building on research conducted by scholars examining this phenomenon in the United States military, this article explores questionable actions, which are externally motivated by systemic factors embedded in the culture of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), by senior leaders in the CAF that can destroy trust in its chain of command. It analyzes two case studies, the Deschamps report into sexual misconduct in the CAF and the Board of Inquiry into Afghan sexual assaults witnessed by CAF members, to identify some key themes and areas for future research into how the lack of trust in the chain of command has impacted negatively on the CAF’s professionalism and culture.

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Allan English

Published online: 15 Dec 2016

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